Chenxing Li

A Ph.d. student in Computer Science

Email: lylcx2007 at gmail dot com


Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Ph.D. student in Computer Science

Aug.2017 - present

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

B.S. in Computer Science, Enrolled in Yao Class

Sep.2013 — Jul.2017

Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

Exchange Student in Computer Science Department

Jan.2016 — Jun.2016

Research Experience

BlockDAG permissionless protocol

Advisor: Prof. Andrew Yao, Prof. Wei Xu, Tsinghua University; Prof. Fan Long, Univeristy of Toronto

Feb.2018 — present

We are using block DAG to design permissionless consensus protocol which is aimed to improve the throughput and reduce the latency.

Privacy on Blockchain

Advisor: Prof. Wei Xu, Intelligent Systems Lab, Tsinghua University

Nov.2016 — present

Based on zerocash. We are using snark and other cryptographic primitives to design blockchain with various data access permissions.

Word Embedding

Advisor: Prof. Gerard de Melo, Web Mining and Language Technology Group, Tsinghua University

Jul.2016 — Aug.2016

Based on Mikolov et al.'s work: word2vec. I investigate context-based techniques and adapt word2vec to account for expanded contexts. Experiments on similarity benchmarks show significant improve-ments for rare words.

Function Reveal Encryption

Advisor: Prof. Claudio Orlandi, Aarhus Crypto Group, Aarhus University

Apr.2016 — Jun.2016

Work on Order Reveal Encryption and Function Reveal Encryption. We designed some IND-OCPA schemes for high dimensional Order Reveal Encryption and Hamming distance Reveal Encryption.

Bound of Unique Sink Orientations of Cubes

Advisor: Prof. Thomas Dueholm, Aarhus University

Feb.2016 — Mar.2016

Work on find the lower bound and upper bound of find the global sink of Unique Sink Orientations of Cubes. We only have some failure attempts. This is a quite hard open problem.

Fast Traffic Data Retrieval

Advisor: Dr. Zhen Chen, iCenter Lab, Tsinghua University

Mar.2015 — Dec.2015

Work on designing compression algorithm on bitmap indexes of traffic data archive. I propose a new algorithm, which can be applied on more scenarios and achieves a good performance in both theoretical and implementation. A first-authored paper: BAH: A Bitmap Index Compression Algorithm for Fast Data Retrieval is to be submitted to LCN2016


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